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Hello everyone!

With the addition of the Skyblock server, and the strive to make the server as best as possible, we are looking for new staff members!

We will be looking for the following staff members:
  • Skyblock: Helper, Head Helper, Event Manager
  • Survival: Event Manager
  • Staff members listed in bold letters are in priority. Event Managers will have greater perks than Helpers, although less moderation in terms of banning, muting, etc..

Your Qualifications:

  • Age of 15 or older
  • Ability to handle difficult players, but in a professional manner
  • Ability to understand players
  • Have a substantial amount of experience with Minecraft
  • Readily available through Skype
  • Ability to problem solve.
  • Played the server for 2+ weeks.
  • Social with no ego. You represent the server and egos are most definately not allowed in the staff team.
Your Responsibilities:
  • Interact with the community at all...
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Now featuring:
The Void Update!

Hello Folks, we have yet another huge update for the entire crowd today! With "The Distinction Update" being the first major update, this now marks the second major update! The Void Update!

Many hours, along with money used by your donations have been put into this update, and now finally, we are proud to be able to announce it! This update couldn't have been made possible without the countless support and encouragement staff has received for this update.

Here's a brief list of the major additions brought into this update!

New Maps await you!
New Spawn - Niteila
  • [​IMG]
Shadowark Island
  • ...
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Welcome to our new website!
With the launch of this new website, we would like to introduce "The Distinction Update!"
With this update, many new features and overall improvements have been implemented onto the server!
Make sure to have fun!