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Discussion in 'Helper' started by ElderDragon, Sep 16, 2017.

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    Minecraft Username:
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    Time spent per day on TorchNight:
    too much, prolly around 4+
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    Airblockzs couple years ago
    Why would you be a great helper?:
    Hey guys I know this is the place for Helper applications. But there isn't exactly a place to apply for admin on the forums, so I decided I'd put it here. So to start, my name is ElderDragon or you can call me Kody, I've been a helper a couple times over a period of about 3 or so years on the torchnight servers and previously Airblockzs. Whilst I was a helper I proceeded through the ranks of staff and became a chat-mod and eventually an admin. After the first Torchnight was shut down i decided to take a break from minecraft, I was later notified that Torchnight was going to become another server (I believe this was beta of the server) and at the time i still had no interest in minecraft again so i forfeited my position as admin, and in turn got demoted due to inactivity. First i'd like to say that i have prior staff knowledge that has progressed over the last couple of years on the Airblockzs/Torchnight Servers, and i feel that i am at the stage where I am ready to take on the admin position and continue aiding the Torchnight server to the best of my ability. I'd like some feedback on who would agree with me being admin and who would disagree.
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    Do you guys think I'd be a good Admin? comment below some feedback for me :)

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