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Discussion in 'Ban Reports' started by Lachlan Scott, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Lachlan Scott

    Lachlan Scott New Member

    Your Minecraft Username:
    Player(s) being reported:
    Date of Offense:
    November 22nd 2017 - November 25th 2017​
    Why should this player be banned?:
    This player has been terrorising/Griefing people that she has been messing/trolling with are: Batgirl362(_bat__), kdk, Hawk_miner, Sandy_castle, Joebo, hannah_rosanna and I.

    She started in /warp town we since then have moved to /warp town2 were she has come today (25th nov) and placed a Protection Sponge and put lava all over trees around the place. Also Combat Loging in the middle of pvp.

    She is making the game not fun at all, We now can not build with out having the fear of having her come and destroy our creations that we take time to do.

    "If you are cancer, please leave the server and bring your cancer somewhere else."

    I hope this will get her banned.

    Thank you.

    Your evidence:
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  2. JackIsChris

    JackIsChris New Member Helper

    I messaged you the details of what happened. Overall denied, but I will keep my eye on her from now on so if it happens again it will result in a ban.
  3. Lachlan Scott

    Lachlan Scott New Member

    Ok thank you :)
  4. JackIsChris

    JackIsChris New Member Helper

    Due to more incidents and even more evidence. The player will receive a 1 month ban. Evidence includes, Greifing, PvP Warping, Tp Trapping, "Generally Being Cancer".

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