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Discussion in 'Ban Reports' started by Variously_Stated, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Variously_Stated

    Variously_Stated New Member

    Your Minecraft Username:
    Player(s) being reported:
    Date of Offense:
    Pacific (-8)
    Why should this player be banned?:
    Presumed to have a hacked client, to auto-hit entities while in spawn.
    Your evidence:
  2. Maoriboie

    Maoriboie New Member

    lol nice try but i dont hack

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  3. Variously_Stated

    Variously_Stated New Member

    From an outsiders perspective, it sure as hell looked like it. Good job not hacking. but maybe don;t be so sketchy about your auto-clicking in the future.
  4. ElderDragon

    ElderDragon Member Helper

    Variously trying to get people banned for hacking :/ sad cause you hacked to get that distinction shield variously :/ of course i have no proof except that you said it in the discord call, sadly while chewy was there and listening and not caring :/
  5. Variously_Stated

    Variously_Stated New Member

    I didn't hack though, it's called joking around. About 6 of us joke about hacking, but we don't really. It's a gag. Besides, why are you attacking me on a report about someone else? If you have a beef with me, then make a report, if you can't then leave me out of the issues at hand.
    All I'm doing is reporting what I perceived, as I witnessed it.
  6. ElderDragon

    ElderDragon Member Helper

    "joking around" mmkay lol whatever you say Variously.

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