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    Torch-Night is a server that tries to reach out and interact with Minecraft users all over the world. Over at our server, we always attempt to try our best to ensure that we can make features of the server top quality.

    The Builder position, otherwise known as [Builder] is a key position to help achieve the goals of Torch-Night, along with dedicated players playing the server.

    In order to enhance the experience and game play of all the individuals who play on Torch-Night, we are searching for individuals to take the role of being a Builder.

    Torch-Night, along with the community that resides within the server, needs a [Builder]

    If you are interested please create a separate thread in the builder application folder.
    If you are accepted you will not be a permanent builder but your first few weeks you will be a trial builder to see how well you can perform. If you are who we need you will be told we want you as a builder.

    Your Responsibilities:

    • Must be able to build from short to long periods of time.
    • Must be readily be able to build.
    • must be active on the server for at least 5-7 days.
    • Ultimately, try to grow the player base and build a strong, happy community, filled with joy.

    Your Qualifications:

    • Age of 15 or older
    • Have years of building experience (building portfolio).
    • Ability to build large scale and small scale builds.
    • Have a substantial amount of experience with Minecraft
    • Readily available through Skype
    If you get the builder rank you get access to:

    A personal 400x400 build world.
    A double chest full of building materials!
    A /kit builder which gives you $250 every day and 5 protection sponges to build a base!

    1)Skype username
    2)First name
    3)Minecraft username
    4) Time when you joined the server (like a date such as 7/21).
    5)Builder portfolio (pictures of your builds and stuff...).
    6)Why do you want to be a builder?
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