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    Short Note: When you look at my qualifications, not all of them meet, but hear me out, I wasn't going to make a builder application but I mustered up the courage to make one.

    First name: Harrison

    Age: 11 (Almost 12) (hear me out and don't close it, read it please)

    Minecraft Name: Draggory

    Skype Name: cocfizzyaqua ( I may not use skype alot so if you need to, contact me on discord)

    Time i joined: Approximately January (i don't know when)

    Time spent on Torchnight: 3-5 hours (5-7 on weekends and 10-30 minutes when I am busy)

    Building portfolio:

    Why i want to be a builder : I want to become a builder because in my spare time, I normally build for my mini town (shown in the Building Portfolio) and I find fun in building and planning. I would like to sharpen my skills along with being able to build for other people/ help people build. I have built houses for _MastaBuilder_ and Aj ( I don't remember his whole name so i'm using his nickname) but I would like to help more that need tips/building to be made.

    Thank you for your consideration and time, and I hope I dont waste it.
    Draggory :p

    Edit: Ended up reading this over multiple times and editing this multiple times xD
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