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    Torch-Night is a server that tries to reach out and interact with Minecraft users all over the world. Over at our server, we always attempt to try our best to ensure that we can make features of the server top quality.

    The Helper position, otherwise known as [Helper] is a key position to help achieve the goals of Torch-Night, along with dedicated players playing the server.

    In order to enhance the experience and gameplay of all the individuals who play on Torch-Night, we are searching for individuals to take the role of being a Helper, or, [Helper] staff member.

    Torch-Night, along with the community that resides within the server, needs a [Helper] staff member.

    Your Responsibilities:

    • Interact with the community at all times
    • Allow all players to feel like they're important
    • Make sure no one is ignored
    • Make new players want to stay, let them know about the server, the community, etc.
    • Ultimately, try to grow the player base and build a strong, happy community, filled with joy.
    • Follow all server rules.

    Your Qualifications:

    • Age of 15 or older
    • Ability to handle difficult players, but in a professional manner
    • Ability to understand players
    • Have a substantial amount of experience with Minecraft
    • Readily available through Skype
    • Ability to problem solve.

    What we offer:

    • A fancy [Helper] tag before your name, with a color of your choice
    • An [Helper] kit, using /kit helper; usable daily kit giving 1 protection sponge, along with a bonus $100/day
    • Access to the command, /tempmute
    • Readily available communications with other existing staff members.


    Please acknowledge that all of our staff members are representatives of the server. You represent the server, in all actions that you might take. While being a staff member, we expect you to create a healthy image of the server. Torch-Night will not tolerate in our staffs, an excessive use of profound words, the vexing of another player with intent, or the committing of any other acts that a majority of the server may disagree with.

    If you have the desire to help grow Torch-Night, and strengthen the community, and feel you can handle the responsibilities and that you possess all of the qualifications, we request that you fill out the following application form, through the use of creating a new application.


    First Name:
    Minecraft Username:
    Skype Username:
    Languages Spoken:
    Time spent per day on Torch-Night:
    Aproximate join date:
    Why you would be a great addition to the staff team:


    Might the application be in a different format, the application shall be voided.
    Also, a good tip to increase your chances of being accepted is to write using quality English. wen ur speeking like this this tells us that u arent riting an actual aplication.

    Torch-Night looks forward for hiring our next Helper staff!
    Thank you for your interest in strengthening the server!

    - iSayCr4pAlot
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  2. iSayCr4pAlot

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    Just a tip.
    The more you ask about your application, the higher the chances of denial.
    If your application isn't being replied to, it is very possible that we might want you as a helper, but there are just a few things we expect better from you, and we're waiting until we can make the changes.
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