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Discussion in 'Helper' started by kat__5s, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. kat__5s

    kat__5s New Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Skype Username:
    Languages Spoken:
    Eastern US
    United States
    Time spent per day on TorchNight:
    3-6 hours
    Approximate Join Date:
    Approximately the 25th of July
    Why would you be a great helper?:
    believe I would make a great helper because first of all I follow all rules and I try to be as respectful as possible when it comes to other players in the server. I am a friendly person and try to make as many people feel welcome on the server. If I notice a new player struggling I attempt to help them out with what I can.
    I have been playing minecraft for a few year now so I have a well verse understanding of how the game works. When a player asks questions I do my best help when possible.
    When it comes to trouble players I may tend to be a tad short with them, but overall I believe I am understanding to their frustrations. However it is something I can work on.
    I am active on the server more in the evenings during the week and throughout the day on weekends. So I feel I cover a lot of times the server has more players online.

    Thank you for you consideration.

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