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    Minecraft Username:
    Skype Username:
    Languages Spoken:
    English (Learning french)
    -8 (Pacific)
    Unightes States
    Time spent per day on TorchNight:
    Approximate Join Date:
    Why would you be a great helper?:
    Let me break this down some, because I have a lot to say.
    Everyone says they want to be a helper because they love helping others and my reasoning is much the same, however, I have something extra to add. I want to help bring this server to its fullest potential. Me being helper can do that. With my many years of experience, well-developed people skills, and ability to keep a cool head even under the greatest of server pressers, I feel I am the best fit for the job at hand.

    What experience do you have in a staff position?:
    Owner: PecanServer
    Co-owner: CamozCraft
    Co-owner: RockCraft
    Admin: Mobicraft
    Admin: Incarnationcraft,
    Admin: Pleadiacraft,
    Admin: SilverCraft
    Mod: ForestCraft
    Head helper: Airblockzs
    Helper: Frostblocks
    various administrative ranks on several private servers.

    What is your plugin knowledge? (Include examples):--My examples will be commonly used commands for plugins I know of. It should be stated that I mainly know commands from a players standpoint as I have not needed to know them more in depth. However, any additional knowledge of plugins I need, I will learn.

    World Edit: //wand, //hcyl (block) (radius,radius), //copy, //paste, //walls (block)

    Towny: /towny (shows basic commands), /plot (Shows plot commands), /claim, /unclaim

    ChestShop: (I know how to make a shop, with a chest and a sign)

    Essentials: /bigtree, /fly, /gamemode (Creative, Adventure, Survival), /give, /god, /kit, /balance

    Pex: /pex user <user> prefix [newprefix], /pex user <user> suffix [newsuffix]

    Lockette: (Place sign on chest and/or door. First line: [Private], second line: your username, third line: friends name, fourth line: friends name. To Edit after the protection is placed,
    /lockette [line] [text]

    LWC: /cpassword create (password), /cprivate, /cunlock (password), /cremove.

    Hawkeye: /ha tool. /ha rollback P: (player) R: (radius)

    WorldGuard: /region define (name of region) (name of player)

    I am able to relearn BigBrother as needed.
    Anything I need to know beyond this, I am willing to learn.
    Tell us about yourself:
    I am first and foremost an artist. I create original works and sell them online as well as designing and making my own clothing and accessories. I dabble in mixed media and enjoy challenging myself in my chosen field.
    I am a long time gamer, playing mainly on the computer but also enjoying many old-school console games.
    After all that, I am an aunt to a wonderfully bright niece who is showing great promise in being the kind of person this world will need. I take care of her and my brothers' pets throughout much of the day, leaving me with a decent amount of spare time available when she is at school and the weekends.
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