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    So, you want to become staff, and you're seeing a lot of applications be denied.
    What's the trick to getting accepted?
    Is it by donating? Is it by being good friends with the owner? Is it by being the richest person on the server?
    All the questions above can be answered completely with "no."

    Here is a list of things that can significantly increase your chances of being helper.
    1) You joined the server within the past 2 weeks.
    2) You are well known, respected, and knowledgeable about the server.
    3) You actually help players. Many times, I see people apply for the Helper position, when I've only seen them being helped. The Helper rank isn't supposed to be helped. You're supposed to help out others.

    If you follow this list accordingly, then that is a good start.
    However, please keep in mind that just because you believe you follow this accordingly, your application will not necessarily be accepted. There are many other factors we look into. It's just the above 3 factors are the most important factors we search for.

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