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Discussion in 'Builder' started by TRWWE, Sep 15, 2017.

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    Hello, I have been on your server quite a lot recently and have been happily surprised by the helpers and moderators giving help when you enter the game but what is lacking in the game is build I am a extremely good builder I built lich crafts prison ctf creative and lobby and kit pvp and much more and I was thinking that your server needs a major re build I can build an awesome pvp and much more I can make prisons virtually anything you want you give me a mini game I will make it and I can promise for the players to be impressed. my email is [email protected] and I have also emailed you a application about this and I would be happy to help for absolutely free and would be a great add to the team I could grow your server very much. me being able to build new things on your server will make more people enjoy and come along and join in. you will probably be thinking why would I be helping you well the answer is I'm a nice person and I will like to grow your server very much as long as you give me a bit of credit for making some of the games. thank you and goodbye ,TRWWE,
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    You need a portfolio
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    my work at lich craft

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