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    There has been many confusion as to what the server rules are.
    At this very moment, the command "/rules" gives a very general outline of the current rules

    Due to lack of clarification however, resulting from the "Use common sense" rule, it was decided that an official rule page can be created.

    Updated [9/04/17], here is the full list of rules, that can result in a punishment, ranging from minor to major.

    Server Rules:
    • Use of mods that allow any personal advantage between you and the server are not allowed. Example mods include any type of PvP Hacks, NoFall, Nuker, etc.. Mods that do not alter gameplay in anyway however, such as OptiFine, inventory organizers, Too Many Items are allowed. You can click here for a list of mods that you are guaranteed not to get banned by using them.
    • Respect staff members at all time. If you believe a staff member is abusing their powers, still respect them. You are free to report them under "Ban Reports" for a possible penalty enacted upon them.
    • No begging staff for free items. Staff are there to help you, not feed you.
    • No excessive swearing; this means you should not be swearing every message you send.
    • Use of exploits that can give you a clear advantage over other players are not allowed. We politely ask that all discovered exploits are reported to a staff member.
    • The betrayal of players is not allowed; someone giving you access to their land, only to grief it will result in a ban. We want all players to be able to invite players without having the worry of being griefed.
    • The use of teleportation traps are not allowed. This will result in a ban.
    • Teleporting out of the PvP Arena before you are about to die is not allowed. This will result in a PvP ban.
    • Advertising other servers is not allowed. You are free to discuss about a server to a friend in a personal message. If you are a new player that starts advertising publically or privately, this too is a bannable offense.
    • The harassment of other players is not allowed. If you can not get along with another player, please use the "/ignore" command.
    • Threatening other players by disclosing sensitive information (email, address, etc) is not allowed.
    • Impersonation of a staff member is not allowed.
    • Spamming is not allowed on the server.
    • You can not recover items you have lost. If an item suddenly disappeared out of your inventory, you may try relogging. Relogging sometimes recovers the item(s) lost.
    • Use common sense (If you are committing an action that you might think is a bannable offense, do not commit the action. You can ask a staff member for any clarification if you wish)
    • If you are cancer, please leave the server and bring your cancer somewhere else. We are a friendly community and we want to keep it that way. Being cancerous will result in a temporary mute. If you really wish to be cancerous, please resolve it in a personal message if the other person doesn't mind.
    • This rule is similar to a previously stated rule, but tricking people to their deaths in any shape, way, or form (this can be anything; teleporting, warps, betrayal) will strictly result in a ban. No player should be tricked into dying, REGARDLESS of the cause. If a player is killed due to the action of another player (this includes anything similar to redstone machines, fall-downs,anything) and they had absolutely no clue this would happen, I repeat, this will result in a ban. The only exception to this, is in areas where keepInventory is enabled.

    Good luck and have fun on the server!

    - iSayCr4pAlot

    Updated PvP Rules
    • The use of hacked clients, or mods that give you an advantage in Pvp is not allowed. This will result in a Pvp ban.
    • The use of Disguise is limited to mobs that are 2 blocks or taller anything lower will be a short term Pvp Ban.
    • The use of /DoubleSpeed is not allowed it causes an unfair advantage between others.
    • Teleporting out of the Pvp arena is a Pvp bannable offense.
    • Use of commands such as /Heal,/Feed or /Vanish is not allowed.
    • Setting homes or warps in Pvp is not allowed.
    • Items that are lost/stolen in Pvp are not replaceable by staff.
    • Finding exploits in Pvp such as getting to unreachable spots is a banable offence if you find one report it to staff.
    Have Fun and Have a Fair Fight
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