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    Welcome to the official Torch-Night Server Guide!

    Welcome to my own version of the guide on how to play on the server!
    If you are a new player starting out, this will be the perfect place for you to have a good start!

    In this guide, my main focus is to briefly share thoughts, opinions, & knowledge that I would recommend to any new player starting out on the server. Generally, if I were to start on the server as someone completely brand new, I myself would listen to this guide (but also accept advice from other knowledgeable players as well).

    For this guide, it should also be in mind that I recommend this guide for new players starting out. Perhaps in the future, knowledgeable players will be willing to create a more advanced guide on how to succeed on this server. Best of luck to everyone!

    1. Biomes
    2. Housing / Living
    3. Making money
    4. Enchanting
    5. Gameplay
    1. Biomes
    Unique biomes exist on the server (precisely 28). All these biomes are unique to Vanilla Minecraft (hence our server mode: Enchanted Survival). There exist many biome types, ranging from the Grasslands, to the Forests, to the Volcanoes, to the Arctic, and many more. Because of the many biomes that exist on the server, I recommend typing the command "/rtp" as many times as possible, or simply exploring to find the perfect biome you are searching for.

    2. Housing / Living

    You found the perfect biome. Great job! This can actually sometimes be considered one of the more time-consuming tasks on the server, depending on your luck. Now it's time to create a base. If I were a new player starting out, the first thing I would type is the command "/sethome". This command allows you to always teleport to the place you typed "/sethome" at, using the command "/home."

    Once this has been established, I would start gathering materials from near your base. If you chose a desert biome, you might have to walk a little further to find your materials.

    Once your base has been established, I recommend placing down the sponge you should have in your inventory. This sponge will protect you from griefers in a 7 block radius. In this area, tnt is disabled, and griefers can not destroy blocks & open chests. If you wish to trust someone with your base however, use the command "/ps add <friends name>".

    One last thing that should be kept in mind. Food. If you are having a hard time with food, all players have the choice to visit "/warp grinder." Players here can grind as many cows and pigs they would like! If you wish to return to your base, you can also type the command "/home"!

    3. Economy & making money

    Economy, which includes money, can (optionally) be a large part of the server. Money can grant you many things, such as more sponges, better armor, and more! What I wish to describe here is making money, and how to utilize money.

    So, you want to make money. How can I do this? For the new player, I always suggest making money through the use of mining. Mining minerals can get you pretty far on the server. One fun fact, is that volcanoes (if you can manage to find them) spawn about 2x as many ores than any other biome! Volcanoes are an excellent source of making money. If you can not quite yet find a volcano, that is okay. Mining at a regular biome works pretty well too. When you have mined a lot of ores, you can start to sell some of them! To sell your minerals, type the command "/warp shop" and if you look to the left, you can sell many of your ores!

    Now, the utilization of money. How can I use this money in the first place? The first thing to keep in mind, is how much money you have. You can check how much money you have by typing the command "/balance".

    When you have money, there are multiple ways to utilize this money. I recommend checking "/warp gamble". At "/warp gamble", when you purchase the Gold Tokens (They display as Gold Nuggets on the purchase signs), you are able to exchange them with the nearby villagers for crate keys. When you have a crate key, you can right click a chest next to a villager with the crate key, for a chance to win something pretty good! If you left click a chest, it will show you everything that's possible to win. If you are searching for more Protection Sponges, the alchemy crate has a 6% chance of giving 20 sponges.

    For the new player, "/warp gamble" can be rather expensive. An alternative way to spend money, is by using the auction command, "/ah". When accessing the auction, you can see items for sale set up by other players just like you! Sometimes, you can find desirable items in the auction, such as Protection Sponges. When you are a new player, visiting "/ah" to check for Protection Sponges is a must for me. Alchemy clays can be expensive, and sometimes players will sell Protection Sponges by the piece at auction. Auction can be a really cheap approach to get the items you need.

    Also, a super good way to make quick and easy cash is through the use of "/vote" for $100 a day, and 250xp points.

    4. Enchanting

    So now you know the essentials of the server! Now is the time for upgrade! When you have established a base, and have a decent sum of money, enchanting can be a good option. To an enchant an item, you will of course, need an enchantment table. There are a few enchantment tables at spawn (although they're not the best tables) that players can use if they do have their own.

    Having an enchantment table is not the only thing players should know, of course. Obtaining experience points at a fast rate is something everyone should know. For the new player, I will say that there is no real way of getting exp fast. What I recommend is 1) creating a mob grinder, or 2) slaying mobs at night time. Another way to get experience however is through voting, through the use of "/vote". This is a very easy method of acquiring experience.

    5. Gameplay
    Finally, for the last point. All players should know that this is NOT a factions server, but an ENCHANTED SURVIVAL server. What this means is that it's Survival, but with additional features.
    These additional features include role playing features. These role playing features include customized RPG maps with quests, customized RPG dungeons with quests, customized items, and more. Generally, you will find more about this as you're playing on the server and read chat more and more, so I will not fully go over the RPG features. Perhaps someone will create a guide in the future to further describe the RPG features, but as a new player, this is not something to worry about right now. The knowledge of RPG features will come along as you are playing on the server.

    Thank you for reading the guide, and enjoy your stay on Torch-Night: Enchanted Survival.

    Thank you!

    - iSayCr4pAlot
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