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    Hello folks,

    Recently for the past couple of days, we have had a lot of lag issues. Ever since we released the Distinction Update. In this thread, I would like to discuss to all of you about the recent lag issues.

    TorchNight has updated to 1.12, which obviously, backfired in lots of lag. These lag issues resulted from a variety of things, but primarily due to recent plugin issues. Plugins are specialized features that did are not a part of Vanilla Minecraft. Lag was caused by other things, such as for my own testing as well.

    Lag is bad. We know. As a Server Owner, making the server enjoyable is the #1 priority. Updates are constantly being made (If I seem to be AFK, there is a good chance I am working on the server). Lag halts the goal of making the server enjoyable. When there is noticeable lag on the server, I try my absolute best to fix it, and will take any step necessary to resolve the issue, even if wake up trying to fix it, and go to sleep still trying to fix it. I would spend my entire day, for weeks if I have to (rarely would I spend a week trying to fix lag, because I can usually find a way to fix the lag in less than two days). Lag for the server on a global scale is devastating for staff and I. We want all of the players to enjoy the server with an epic, lag free adventure.

    This thread is not aimed to talk about how serious we take lag. This thread is however, aimed to talk about the success of fixing the lag!

    With constant studying, research, and testing, we can now say the lag is all gone!
    Today, nearly at 11:40pm, it is within belief that all lag has been abolished! Many hours were spent trying to investigate the lag, and find out what was causing it. Finally, we we're able to grasp ahold of what the problem was. From now on, until a very long time, all players can enjoy a lag-free server environment! Cheers!

    On another good note, due to testing (this testing may have caused some of the lag as well), we we're able to implement a new website! Introducing, , a website to display all of all past and active bans. This website introduced a new banning system as well. A banning system that may have been mor efficient than our previous one, which may minimize lag even further!

    We hope everyone has a nice day, and we hope to see you on the server.
    We are terribly sorry for the lag, as we hate it ourselves too, but now everyone can enjoy a lag-free server!

    Have fun on TorchNight Enchanted!

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