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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Goodod2, Aug 13, 2017.

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    So this thread is just like my other one, but Ill be talking about side events, we all know, or well i know that i get bored when nothing is going on in the server, so I wanted to maybe give ideas out hopefully the owner would maybe look at them or add them to the game later in time.

    1) I think that sometimes having a server boss event would be so cool, just the idea of having everyone work together to kill a really strong boss would be so cool, of course having loot drop would make it way more fun. This server event would happen maybe sometime before updates to get people ready for the big updates that the owner would do, I understand that the owner may not be able to do the events because he would be working on the full updates for later time in the server, but maybe having a head admin or mod set this up would be great.

    2) Having a big place set as ore called an ore event would make things so much easier, having a hard time making money well this event would help you make some money for yourself or youre friends, of course it would not be that easy to mine the ore from the event there would be pvp allowed where the event is hosted, making it hard but fun at the same time for everyone.

    3) You know how you only get 100$ and 250xp for voting, well dont you think there should be more to it then that, there should be a vote counter when we reached 500 votes we would get a vote chest drop party were theres loot for everyone so you can always vote for something more then pocket money.

    Thats all the ideas that I have came up with ill most likely add more in time being thanks for reading this and pls mind the grammer.

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