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Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by Xx_Hunter2002_xX, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. Xx_Hunter2002_xX

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    I enjoy games that push me to the limit, something Minecraft succeeded in doing when I got attached to it in late 2009(a year after i got attached to it actually,different account, my last one was taken by hackers! ). After time has passed though, Minecraft got easier (doesn't mean I'll stop playing it, it's just easier now), but just earlier today, I found this server...
    I thought it'd be like any regular smp server, but I found I was so wrong in so many ways! There were new challenges that left me craving for more (3 as far as I've played, but that was after 1.5 hours!), and I feel as if there are many note to find! I'm excited about this server and finding out everything there is to find out, which I can only honestly say about 1 other server out of the dozens (possibly hundreds) of servers that I've been on! Which is why I'll be playing often for as long as I live (I'm not sure how long a FarLandian Ghast hybrid lives, but likely a while!)!
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  2. iSayCr4pAlot

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    Welcome to the server, Hunter!
  3. Xx_Hunter2002_xX

    Xx_Hunter2002_xX New Member

    Thank you!
  4. ElderDragon

    ElderDragon Member Helper

    i'm late but welcome :)
  5. Gabe

    Gabe New Member

    minecraft came out in 2011 but ok
  6. ElderDragon

    ElderDragon Member Helper

    Wasnt beta 2009?
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  7. Variously_Stated

    Variously_Stated New Member

    beta wasl'09 or '10
  8. Xx_Hunter2002_xX

    Xx_Hunter2002_xX New Member

    No 2009, Minecraft release 1.0 (as well as beta 1.8) came out in 2011.

    No but classic and pre-classic was released in 2009. Beta was late 2010-late 2011

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