Autosell Chests... thoughts?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ElderDragon, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. ElderDragon

    ElderDragon Member Helper

    I was thinking today about how much work it is trying to set up a farm, and then once the farm is set up having to sell the drops to shop (blazerods) so i was thinking. what if the server set up something like an autosell chest. where any items that go into the chest are sold for less than shop price. Of course this autosell chest would be quite expensive for every player. but once you get one it'll help you if you make a farm. Just looking for some thoughts on this
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  2. Xx_Hunter2002_xX

    Xx_Hunter2002_xX New Member

    that sounds awesome! But at less than shop price? for something that's expensive, I'd want the items to sell at full value
    May I recommend something? customized mob drops! (blazes will occasionally drop bread, charged creepers will occasionally drop some way to summon lightning (ie. custom spawn egg.), zombies rarely drop golden apples (like a 1/12550824 chance), etc.) . it may positively affect game play!
  3. ElderDragon

    ElderDragon Member Helper

    i think it should be less than shop price, because think about it. it saves time and automatically sells it for you. so you don't have to fill your inventory and go to /warp shop everytime you want to sell stuff the chest does it for you.
  4. Xx_Hunter2002_xX

    Xx_Hunter2002_xX New Member

    okay that makes sense, sorry, I didn't think of that.
  5. MBMC

    MBMC New Member

    Bit off topic, but what are you even selling in the shop in bulk? I remember only seeing a few niche items in the shop, not really mob drops. Hopefully I'm wrong and the shop is a bit bigger than that.

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