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Discussion in 'Accepted Appeals' started by Minecrafter87, Jul 27, 2017.

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  1. Minecrafter87

    Minecrafter87 New Member

    Your Minecraft Username:
    Date of Offense:
    What was the original penalty?:
    1 Week Ban
    Reason of Penalty:
    Why should your penalty be weakened?:
    Because I LOVE Torchnight and I promise I will NEVER advertise again on Torchnight I am sorry for my actions and my decisions I really miss my favorite server and I can't wait 6 days to play it. I am really sorry I advertised I LOVE Torchnight and I will never do it again I would hate if I advertised again and got banned for 10 days which is why I will NEVER advertise again. If someone asks me for the I.P. to a server I will ALWAYS Ask permission to tell them, and if you say I can't tell them I will NOT tell them the I.P. I am sorry for how I acted and I hope you accept my Apology.
    Your friend,
  2. iSayCr4pAlot

    iSayCr4pAlot Administrator Staff Member Server Owner

    Your reasoning tries to define the story of what has happened, but the true story is that you went around messaging people trying to get people to join a server. According to logs, no one (if not no one, then one person just for insurance) went to you and asked you about a server (which is very unlikely that someone would ask you for a server unless they knew you had relations to that server).

    Aside from all that however, at least you kind of tried.
    Your current ban expires in 6 days and 5 hours.

    Because of this appeal, your ban will be shortened to:
    3 days.
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