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Discussion in 'Helper' started by FGV07, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. FGV07

    FGV07 New Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Skype Username:
    dont have one but i do have discord
    Languages Spoken:
    Time spent per day on TorchNight:
    Approximate Join Date:
    Why would you be a great helper?:
    im great at biulding i love torchnight and im a good help :>
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  2. Variously_Stated

    Variously_Stated New Member

    A) You need to have played on the server a minimum of two weeks.
    B) You need at least a paragraph of 3-5 sentences (minimum) as your reasoning to be a helper.
    C) You are too young to apply as a helper on this server, it's been stated that the minimum age that should apply is 15.

    Also, from personal experience, though you do enjoy helping, you are also very demanding when it comes to receiving help yourself. You consistently use all capital letters, even when told you should not. You also complain if people actually can't help you due to one reason or another.
    I'm sure your heart is in the right place, but, I am fairly certain the TN staff is looking for someone a bit more mature.

    Note: I myself am not staff [though I have been in the past] I do, however, know the guidelines and how things normally go for these kinds of applications. I do hope you continue to enjoy the server though.
  3. ElderDragon

    ElderDragon Member Helper

    Denied due to the fact that you aren't old enough to become staff. I don't know when you joined the server or how you act on it, but i can guarantee it was after my computer broke (friday) which was less than a week ago. We need staff that are mature, i think you have good intention. But TorchNight is looking for older and more mature members. Also Thankyou Variously for the guidelines
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