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    Hello everyone!

    With the addition of the Skyblock server, and the strive to make the server as best as possible, we are looking for new staff members!

    We will be looking for the following staff members:
    • Skyblock: Helper, Head Helper, Event Manager
    • Survival: Event Manager
    • Staff members listed in bold letters are in priority. Event Managers will have greater perks than Helpers, although less moderation in terms of banning, muting, etc..

    Your Qualifications:

    • Age of 15 or older
    • Ability to handle difficult players, but in a professional manner
    • Ability to understand players
    • Have a substantial amount of experience with Minecraft
    • Readily available through Skype
    • Ability to problem solve.
    • Played the server for 2+ weeks.
    • Social with no ego. You represent the server and egos are most definately not allowed in the staff team.
    Your Responsibilities:
    • Interact with the community at all times
    • Allow all players to feel like they're important
    • Make sure no one is ignored
    • Make new players want to stay, let them know about the server, the community, etc.
    • Ultimately, try to grow the player base and build a strong, happy community, filled with joy.
    • Follow all server rules.
    Staff members will acquire some type of perk, for motivation of remaining staff. Due to the push for Event Managers, Event Managers will ultimately acquire the most rewards. Rewards will be negotiated when we accept your application.

    Please email the following form to the email: [email protected]

    First Name:
    Minecraft Username:
    Skype Username:
    Time spent per day on Torch-Night:
    Approximate join date:
    Staff rank you are applying for: [helper, head-helper, eventmanager]
    Server you are applying for: [survival/skyblock]
    Your strengths:
    Things you could improve on:
    Why should you be staff?

    Thank you for your consideration of being staff and helping out the server.
    When filling out the form, please spend time on it. We are strict on selecting staff members, as we are trying to ensure only top quality staff members. If your application seems as if it took less than 5 minutes to type, you will as a fact, be denied.

    Everyone have a nice day!

    - iSayCr4pAlot
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