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    [​IMG] The Void Update!

    Hello Folks, we have yet another huge update for the entire crowd today! With "The Distinction Update" being the first major update, this now marks the second major update! The Void Update!

    Many hours, along with money used by your donations have been put into this update, and now finally, we are proud to be able to announce it! This update couldn't have been made possible without the countless support and encouragement staff has received for this update.

    Here's a brief list of the major additions brought into this update!

    New Maps await you!
    New Spawn - Niteila
    • [​IMG]
    Shadowark Island
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    Moonlight Tower
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]

    Enhanced additions to the vanilla gameplay!
    New customized, fully functional nether!
    • [​IMG]
    Shadowark Set
    Bow of Eternal Eclipse

    Neat little extras!
    Voting System - We now have vote count rewards, and votes also now give a slimeball!
    OverLord Rank - We now have a new donator rank! [still to be released]
    ChestShop - Players are now free to create their own shop.
    Wiki - With the release of Shadowark Peninsula, and it having a lifetime of about two weeks, we are now releasing the wiki for it.
    New PvP Arena - With the release of a new Spawn, we thought we could add a new PvP Arena!

    • [​IMG]
    New PvP Management System! - PvP Rules are now a little more enforced, as the server will execute select actions system-automatically

    Staff Team!
    JackIsChris -> Helper
    JasonSriracha -> Designer

    General Modifications/Patches:
    • TorchNight Enchanted Survival 1.0 => 2.0
    • The swimming plugin has been removed.
    • Alchemy clays can now only give 16 sponges instead of 20.
    • New players now have a 1 hour anti-pvp timer
    • Patched dungeon reward exploits; leaving rewards room will discard all boss items
    • Time is always set to night for dungeons
    • We now use a Shop NPC instead of an actual shop
    • New shop items / prices
    • RPG Potions now work
    • Players can now use /balance on all maps via Mysterious Sorcerer
    • Accessing the quest book can now be done globally
    • Random Teleport has been fixed (before you may sometimes teleport past the World Border)
    • N'laaq has been buffed.
    • 3 new Shadowark repeatable quests
    • Double drop for mining has been nerfed for mcMMO. Maximum double drop % chance for mining is now 75%, and this can be achieved at mining level 1000
    • Fixed link signs

    Thank you for your stay on TorchNight, and have a nice day!
    - iSayCr4pAlot
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