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  1. Variously_Stated

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    Hello everyone, I'm Variously and would like to introduce myself to ya'll.
    Outside of MC, I'm an active artist and avid reader of all things literature. I enjoy hanging out with RL friends, cooking, and playing with my cat. I'm also touted as being one of the oldest active players on the server itself at age 25. The only known older player is LovelyCyanide... but it'd be rude for me to speak their age without their permission.
    In MC, I'm a builder of large houses and farms and have a several year's long knowledge of the game and its mechanics (though most redstone still eludes me)
    I look forward to meeting all of you and helping new players get their bearings. I encourage others to take a minute and introduce themselves in here also.
  2. Nuolong

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    Nice to get to know you a bit, Variously! That name reminds me a lot of one of the best friends I've had through Minecraft around 8 years ago but disappeared one day :/ (His name was Variently if I'm spelling it right) Hope to share some experiences with you on Torchlight in the future!!

    What kind of art do you pursue, if you may elaborate more on that statement? Also, you have a kitty! What kind? I'm allergic to their hairs :(
  3. Variously_Stated

    Variously_Stated New Member

    I'm a traditional artist, drawing, and painting. Though I explore multi/scrap media. I also sew and do digital art..
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